What babysitter to choose for a child?

What babysitter to choose for a child?

Babysitters, like children, are diverse. To avoid confusion, consider which of the following options is close to you:

  1. Babysitter for infants. Leaving a child under the supervision of a stranger is especially difficult. Therefore, if your baby is only a few months old, prefer a nanny with a medical education. During your absence, she can professionally provide first aid if necessary. It is good if the nanny has experience with newborns and can provide recommendations.

  2. The nanny is a teenager. If you've watched foreign films, you have probably noticed how often women resort to the services of a young neighbor. So why not try it? In addition, according to experts, children can develop quickly with a person close to them. Adolescent nannies are active, easily cope with the child and understand all household appliances. Another positive thing is that you can use their services for a small fee and only for a few hours, for example during your visit to the cinema.

  3. A middle-aged woman is an ideal choice for babysitting. Such a nanny knows how to take and feed a child, she easily finds a way to entertain him. She has experience with raising her own children who are already grown up at this time.

  4. Older nanny: The upbringing of a child is carried out by a nanny with considerable experience. Thanks to it, she can also offer several tips for raising a child. With this nanny, it is possible to find out that semolina porridge is indispensable for the child's body. In any case, a nanny with life experience and love for children is a good choice.

  5. The nanny-educator not only looks after the child but also helps him to master a foreign language or prepare for school. Pedagogical education is a necessary minimum for a candidate for this vacancy. It is ideal if she knows modern learning methods.

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