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The child is a clear and bright sun that gently and warmly illuminates every day of his parents' lives. But this little angel needs constant care, especially in the first years of his life. It is great when parents have the opportunity to spend most of the day with their child. However, if the family lives in the capital-a huge modern metropolis, both parents are often busy with work

Fathers and mothers spend a long time after the official end of a working day in offices to ensure their child a dignified future. In order for the child not to feel neglected and unnecessary and for domestic worries not to grow over head, it is necessary to have a qualified and experienced nanny - a housekeeper who will be present in the household.

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Our satisfied clients

Josef, 38 years old

19. 06. 2020

"Some time ago my wife and I divorced and I am taking care of the children. It was a terrible carousel - work, homework with children, washing, the next day back to work ... Sometimes it looked like after explosion. So I thought we needed a woman's hand, and they helped me in the agency and found me a wonderful worker. She is vigorous and consistent, she cleans up, and it solved the whole situation for me!”

Františka, 56 years old

18. 06. 2020

"After our children moved out and started their own families, we took home my father, who is almost 90 years old. Taking care of him for me and my husband was really exhausting, moreover, we are both still working. So we tried to hire a Filipino caretaker. I have to say that it is a huge relief for us, the father is taken care of and we can sometimes go to the Young ones and have fun with the grandchildren. ”

Martin, 45 years old

17. 06. 2020

"I work as a real estate agent and I often go on business trips, and even though we don't have children, we need to regularly clean the house and take out our two German Shepherds. Therefore, I used a foreign worker who takes care of everything, including the dogs, and I can finally enjoy the summer on our yacht in the Adriatic. It's a great help for us. "

Jana, 40 years old

16. 06. 2020

"I have always wanted a big family. I have 3 children and I really couldn't take care of them anymore because I go to work and my husband is often away from home. I sometimes have to work abroad, so we hired a domestic worker. It's a huge relief for our whole family because we finally have time for ourselves after work. ”

Frequently asked questions

General questions
What will the worker do for me?

It depends entirely on you and your needs. Each household has an individual way of functioning, so we try to reconcile a suitable worker with a suitable family. We always want to "tailor-make" the worker to the family. The housekeeper can therefore perform all activities related to the running of the household, including cooking, caring for an elderly person or a pet.

Already at the beginning of our activity, we created a "housewife and nanny code" which clearly states what a particular position will entail. Every worker must be aware of her responsibility for everything she does.

All of our nannies are fluent in English or another world language and during their stay in the Czech Republic they are trying to actively learn Czech. They are used to having to adapt and communicate in all circumstances.

Such devices also exist in other households. Many workers already have experience with them, and if not, it is important to show her how to use them at the beginning. All our employees learn quickly.

This is not a problem. It is necessary to agree on everything with the nanny and show her how you imagine the daily care of children. And also explain to her what duties you will require of her.

If we receive such information from you, we will resolve any discrepancies with the worker. It is essential that we have constant feedback from you.

Yes, after mutual agreement it is possible for the nanny to live directly with you. However, you must provide her with a suitable room for accommodation and usually also food.

Our employees go through a thorough personal interview, during which we check her documents and at the same time ask about their experience, motivation, what activities they are willing to perform at home and also check any references from previous jobs.

As an agency, we only accept caregivers who are experienced, enthusiastic about their careers, behave professionally and can take care of everything that a family or household needs.

In such cases, of course, we will replace the worker free of charge with another that will best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Most candidates imagine full-time as 5 days a week, usually Monday to Friday, and will work a maximum of 10 hours a day (with breaks). The workers are helpful, flexible and can be arranged individually on days and hours worked.

If we already have someone registered with us who has already been interviewed and checked, we can send you their details immediately. In other cases, the selection and process will take about 2 weeks.

Yes, all nannies and childcarers have the qualifications and experience to work. For example, they worked in kindergartens or with several previous families.

Of course, we have an extensive database from which we can choose immediately, and we are constantly expanding it.


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